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Why timpl?
We enable a fair and simple process
for everyone involved in tipping
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not getting enough?
  • not getting enough?
  • earn more tips
  • have increased transparency over tips you get
  • take the full control of your tips
hastling with paperwork?
  • hastling with paperwork?
  • empower your employees to earn more
  • get rid of the overhead and admin costs
  • be on top of the perfomance metrics of your business
hate awkward tipping?
  • hate awkward tipping?
  • cashless tips using your preferred option
  • stress free way to show gratitude
  • no app needed, simple flow that takes seconds
How it works?
consumer scans individual qr-code
consumer scans individual qr-code
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More for you, less for us!
No hidden fees or minimum amounts.
We just take our smaaaall piece.

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